Monday, February 21, 2011

MTC week 2

My second week in the MTC was as great if not better than the first. We all finally settled into the routine of things.  Last Wednesday we were told by our teacher that our district was being put into a special "pilot program." The program is an experimental way of teaching the lessons and language to new missionaries. They want to eventually implement the program into every district in the MTC. It's crazy intense. That day we were told that each companionshiop would receive a "progressive investigator," which means an investigator we will teach twice a week. Our investigator happens to be one of our teachers, but she's a really good actress and she pretends to be "Naoko-san." We were told last Wednesday that we were teaching her the next day on Thursday a 20 minute 1st lesson in all Japanese. You can imagine the whole district's distress. Haha. My poor comp. Nothing seems to really stress me out here just because I have the language down pretty well for what we are doing. It's really nice but at the same time I'm struggling to find ways to push and stretch myself so that I can be just as anxiety-ridden as the rest of my district. lol. So our lessons with her are going really well and we're all learning a lot. 
Emma Charlsey is here now and I bump into her about 10 times a day. Its awesome! Also, For Sarah, I see April Harrison every single day. So random! She's going somewhere spanish speaking. 
Yesterday and today it was realllllly snowy and freezing. I love it because I know in a few months I'll be dying in the Fukuoka mega humidity so I'm just soaking in all the freezing weather I can. 

I was made the branch music coordinator on Sunday and I'm really excited about it. I get to get people to sing and stuff and pick the hymns, and lead the music. Yeshhhh. I'm also goign to try out to do a musical number for the sunday or Tuesday Firesides. Last week my comp and I participated in the choir and it was amazing.
The branch President's wives are the I love them so much.
Oh also I had my interview with one of the Branch Presidents yesterday and he said he wouldn't be surprised if I get sent to Fukuoka early...maybe even in 4 weeks. i'm not sure how I feel about leaving that early because I am in love with the MTC, but he said I will probably progress more out in the field than I can here because of my Japanese we'll see. I might not be here for much longer, but I love my companinon and my district like crazy so I don't want to leave them.
I love you all! Please write me! I'm doing awesome and I think i'm the only missionary in my district who hasn't cried Paha. Figures.
Tingey shimai.

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