Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Month Mark!

Hello everyone! I can't believe it, but I've only been here for about one month. It feels like way longer! I feel like I have known the people in my ward and been with my companions for way longer than just a month.
This week was really awesome. It didn't rain very much and wasn't too humid, so it kind of felt like I was back in good ol' Provo. I got a nice little sun tan, too, which I'm really excited about.  So last Pday I said we were going to the Okinawa peace park, but it was raining so hard we didn't end up going. We're going today instead and we're leaving in about ten minutes. Instead of going to the peace park last sunday we just hung out in the church all day with the Elders. A bunch of other missionaries from the island migrated to our area on pday because the next day we were having a mini-zone conference (my first zone conference in the field!). It was really fun. We practiced our musical number, "This is the Christ." Both of my companions have amazing voices, and our district leader Elder Jordan and his companion Elder Angell also sang with us so it was really pretty. Sister Hooker has a beautiful voice but she played the piano for us becuase she knew how to play the song. We spent the day playing raquetball in the gym, I passed off some of my lesson masteries to Sister McIntyre, wrote letters, and baked some it was a nice, relaxing Pday.
The next day we had our mini zone conference. I got to meet a lot of new people and learned a lot from the zone leaders and district leader. We all went out to eat at this restaurant called Bambosh afterward. It's an all you can eat cooked meat restaurant or "yakiniku". Sooo delicious. Everyone got sick because we all ate too much. Japanese food is so delicious!
Saturday night we made dinner and had a lesson with our investigator Gopeipei and a member. She has this tiny little apartment next to the huge shopping district called Kokusaidori. She didn't have enough chairs for all of us so we all camped out on the floor and cooked "takoyaki," which is roughly translated as Octopus balls. It's so delicious!! I have only eaten it probably two times before when i was living in Tokyo and on my study abroad, so I was way excited. When we went to the store to buy the octopus it was too expensive to buy the tentacles like you normally eat, so we bought the head instead...haha. Sister McIntyre was so mortified. Sister Hoooker and I had a fun time slicing up the head into little chunks to put into our takoyaki. I have some awesome pictures of it but I don't have time to send any today. I promise I will next week!
We have some really awesome investigators right now. It has been a little difficult building up this area since I got here. When I first arrived we didn't really have any investigators, but we have 7 or 8 now! And a few of them are progressing really well. I love teaching!!! Sister Hooker just got her transfer call to head back to Tokyo yesterday so she is leaving on Thursday. We're getting transfer calls this week so I might be leaving Naha but hopefully not. I really hope sister McIntyre doesnt get transfered for her last transfer because then I would be the "area senpai" or the only one who knows the area if I got a new companion. I'm almost done being a bean!!! I'm so sad. But I'm really starting to get used to being a missionary in the field and loving everyday!
We're heading out to the Peace Park. I love you all and thank you for your DearElders! I received one from Annie and Dad this week. Thank you!!!
Love, Sister Tingey

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