Monday, September 26, 2011

Baptism Photos!...and other fun stuff

Lucy with the family that got baptized!

At the ward beach party with Nami in the red shirt

Super stylin' and modest beach babes!

Lucy getting ready to spike it!

Super happy girl

Don't you wish you could go in? Water looks super clear and clean. 

Lucy planting a book of Mormon in the vending machine.  I never thought of that tactic.  Japan is full of vending machines!

Giving of presents before the baptism of Mariko and Shuko. 

All the jealous Elders.  haha.  Well, in Italy they would have been.

Frantic emailing time.  We know you don't have much time to write.  We all miss you so much!

Who could refuse these two faces.  So darling!

Lucy needs a new waterbottle.  Everyone please send her one:)

Mariko and Shuko in their baptismal whites.  Poor little Shuko's dress is dragging on the floor.  She looks like a little angel though:) 

Finally got a smile out of Shuko

Nothing more beautiful than this!

How great shall be your joy:)

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