Sunday, January 1, 2012


Dear everyone,
This week was so crazy! We had Zone Pday, where we with about 20 Elders went to this place called `Round One` which is basically the Great and Spacious building to play sports and go bowling. Uchida Shimai and I decided to leave early, though and wander to Canal City to see if we could find the puppet guy again but it looks like he went back to Brazil. Wahh. Haha. The next day, Tuesday we had Zone Conference which was just spectacular. I learned so much and was just basking in the spirit all day. We also went Carolling with some ward members, went to a baptism for an 8 year old member, went to the Energy Museum with the kids we teach English to on Saturdays, and put on about 10 mini Christmas firesides for all of our investigators, members and less active members. It was a very eventful week.
Afghan pants
The best part about this week, though was definitely Sunday(Yesterday). Uchida Shimai and I sang the Childrens Christmas hymn `Mary`s Lullaby` in Sacrament meeting and for the FIRST TIME EVER the Oyama family came to church!!!!!!!! I can`t even describe to you how happy we were!! Every week since we started teaching them they have been saying they will come to church but every Sunday we wait and wait and they dont show up. However, last week we sang `Mary`s Lullaby` to them after a lesson and the mom got up and said, `Thats it! This week we are making a promise. We are going to church!` without us even asking them! Haha. They couldn`t have come to a better sacrament meeting. The spirit was SO strong!!! Three ward members got up and bore their testimonies about Christmas, we sang, and the last speaker`s talk was exactly what they needed to hear. Oh man. The Christmas spirit was just filling the church was crazy. The Elders also had 4 investigators come to church so in all we had 8 there! That is by far the most investigators I have ever seen at church on my mission. That day we were also able to watch the Christmas Devotional, which was so amazing. Those New Testament clips seemed SO realistic, I got the chills! I really felt the spirit testify to me that that was probably really similar to how it really happened. I think my favorite part was when the Angel was walking toward the shepherds in the field. It was so beautiful! Gah! Also that night at 7;30 we taught the Oyama family the Word of Wisdom. The Father and two sons all accepted and said they would follow it right off the bat. The mom said she would try giving up coffee for 5 days, so pray that she has a good experience and can feel an increase of the spirit in her life! I love that family so much!

Merry Christmas
Ok so you should have received an email from the mission about calling on Christmas. Apparently you:ll call on Christmas Eve so it will be Christmas morning for me. Im guessing you should call around 8;00 PM christmas Eve, which will be about 12 PM Christmas Day my time which is an hour after church gets out. That should be a good time. I think i have one hour to talk. We have transfers this week so I wont give you my telephone number yet until I know which area ill actually be in.  

My breakfast
I am sending you a special Christmas look for that in the mail! I love you so much and love this Christmas season!!!
Love, Tingey Shimai

My doki (same time in MTC missionaries) at Zone Conference

With the Oyama family and other kids at the Energy Museum

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