Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Amazing

Lucy and her ward members

This week has been insanely busy. Saturday was the craziest day of my life. Sister McIntyre jam-packed our schedule and visited about 20 people, which meant a lot of bike riding and strategic route mapping. It was really fun. We were able to catch some of our investigators just arriving home or just about to leave their houses and share a short message with them. We also met with a less active woman and her daughter who we have been trying to reach for months, so Saturday was full of miracles. Then that night there was a talent show for one of the wards we attend. Last week we basically told everyone we know to come to the talent show, but we hadnt heard back from anyone so we didnt think there would be any investigators there. However, when we walked into the church we were greeted by 5 of our investigators who showed up!! We were most excited about this cute little father and daughter named the Chinzei family. Meeting them was a miracle.
We were riding our bikes around finding a few weeks ago when Sister McIntyre suddenly stopped and looked over at this one little staircase leading to an apt complex. She said that she thought that staircase looked familiar and that she had maybe met someone who lived in that apartment before...so we decided to go check it out. We knocked on the door that she thought she had before, but nobody answered so we thought maybe the Lord had led us to that building and there was someone living there that we needed to talk to. So we housed the whole building and one of the last doors we knocked was the Chinzei family. The little girl Hikari-chan answered and stood there for 15 minutes listening to our message. She is this adorable 13-year-old Okinawan girl. She looks truly Okinawan, with kind of darker skin, and big, light brown eyes. When we asked her to pray, she just went right ahead and did it even though she had never prayed before. We eventually met her dad, mom and older brother during other visits, who are all really nice.
Lucy with some investigators maybe?
Eating Higa's vinegar soaked food.  The members really take care of Lucy.  Thank you!
 Anyway, we have been praying and praying that well be able to teach her whole family or have some sort of other contact with them besides just standing in their doorway teaching Hikari-chan. So on Saturday night we were pleasantly shocked to see Hikari and her dad walk into the church!! They stayed for the whole talent show and met a lot of members. It seemed liek they had a really good time, so we were so happy. Heavenly Father really answered our prayers so that we could get them to the church!
Japanese ward members doing the bells at the talent show.  So fun!
 Sister McIntyre and I sang `More than Words` with guitar and other funny performances included all of the old Ojiisans and Obaasans (grandmas and grandpas) doing Abide with Me Tis Eventide with handbells. It was the cutest thing Ive ever seen. There was also a karate portion and my favorite was this old couple in the ward who always get all gussed up in these really sparkly outfits and put on tons of make-up and sing this really old school Japanese song to a karaoke track. We saw it once before at the karate charity concert we went to a few weeks ago, but it was just as awesome this time around. The ward members are so hilarious.
Missionaries with a giant pineapple.  I wonder why those boys won't join in the folding arms fun?
Last night we traveled to Okinawa so that we could spend the first half of our Pday with the sisters there. One of their investigators drove us to this nail salon called `Kokos,` which is apparently all the rage for the people living on the military bases in Okinawa. They do these super crazy designs on your toes, so all of the sisters got together and got pedicures for Pday. I got an African safari. After that we spent some time on the base so that Sister McIntyre and Beazer could buy some gifts for their families. Their missions are ending next week, so theyll be returning to America next Thursday ;(. Im so sad to see my dear trainer Sister McIntyre leave! She has been so amazing and we have seen some amazing things together. She is a really amazing missionary and I have learned so much from her.
Sister McIntyre will be missed! I wonder who's next?
Natsumi-san (our investigator with a baptism date) is still doing really well. She came to church on Sunday and when we asked her how following the Word of Wisdom is going she said, `Well, usually at work I have to drink tons of coffee in order to just stay awake, but ever since I stopped drinking it I havent even felt tired at work!` So you can imagine how incredibly excited we were to have her bear her testimony of the WOW! We are seriously so excited for her.
Lucy and Sister McIntyre at the nail salon.  So spoiled!

Check out these intricate designs! Amazing!
The work here is great and I am loving working here in Naha on the Island of Okinawa. This place is just so amazing and has such an incredible culture! I learn so much everyday and my faith is strengthened everyday by the people who I serve with!!! Please talk to someone you dont know this week, even if its just to ask them how their day is. We need to share our light with the world! I love you all
Missionaries on the beach for PDay.  Don't you wish you could get in? Poor sweltering hot Lucy!
Love, Sister Tingey

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