Monday, June 6, 2011


Lucy on her bike.  I hope she can bring that home! It's so sweet!
Hello my beloved family! So guess what? Everyone in the computer room is jealous right now because I have 25 emails in my inbox today! Bahaha. Almost all of them are picture Emails from Annie and Mom but I they said I set a new record. So thank you! Hehe.
Lucy and a cute lady
This week was super busy and amazing! Because its the start of a new transfer Sister McIntyre and I decided to kick it up a notch and make some new goals. One of the apostles said that missionaries should be able to teach at least 20 lessons every week...but lately we definitely havent been hitting that. So at the start of this last week we made some new goals to help us reach that number, and some other goals. And because of those goals we had a seriously amazing week! Two days this week we were miraculously able to teach 6 lessons each day, and we got two new investigators! And one of the women who became an investigator actually let us into her house when we came by to each her, which is a first (haha, yep). I also sat next to this girl on the train the other day when we were going to Shuri to look for that one referral, and we hit it off right away and were just chatting away on the train when all of a sudden it was her stop. I just quickly handed her a Book of Mormon and a flyer with our phone number on it and called out, `call us!` before she jumped off. And then that night she actually called!!!!! That is also a first, haha. her name is Marine and she also became an investigator this week. She is this adorable 20 year old kindergarten teacher. So we saw a lot of miracles this week.
Lucy looking miserable in her rain jacket
We were also able to find that woman who works at Shuri Castle that we were looking for last week. And remember the man who works as a guard at Shuri Castle who said he ran into the missionaries 30 years ago?? He had a lessons from the Shuri Elders this week and they scheduled a return appointment!!! Im seriously so happy about that. I dont know why, but Heavenly Father is just pouring down blessings on us. Sister McIntyre said she has never had so many investigators before on her mission, and this is her last transfer. I am going to take full advantage of this time!
Lucy with her new investigator
I love teaching because a lot of the time I dont really know exactly what the person is saying (whether is a less active member, investigator, person on the street, etc), but then I will catch a phrase or a word that will trigger something I studied that day in the scriptures, or a personal experience I have, and the spirit will prompt me to share that with the person. Sometimes I walk away thinking, `Ok, I had no idea what they were babbling on about, but I hope I said the right thing`. Heavenly Father knows I cant understand or communicate as well as I want, but he cares about his children and the people we`re teaching, so I just need to let him use me any way he can. It is very hard trying to be humble and ready to follow the promptings of the spirit. Im learning very slowly how to do it.
Lucy with some members and some really weird Elders.  C'mon guys. what are you doing?
Yesterday we had Zone Conference!!! It was my first real zone conference with President and Sister Margetts and everyone from the zone coming to our area. It was so awesome! Elder Aoyagi from the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us all day! I learned so much from him. One thing that stuck out the most was he gave an analogy about a box and a pearl. He said the box represents the church-the organization, callings, people, activites, Sunday meetings, and even the doctrine and ordinances. Our lessons we give as missionaries also represent the box. But the pearl-the item of real value, is Jesus Christ and his atonement. He said sometimes we all focus only on the box and how pretty and decorated it is. We carry it around and never open it to look inside. But the box is only there so that we can have a place to put the pearl, so that we can see it and not lose it. In the exact same way the church organization and even the doctrine, principles, and ordinances (which surprised me, honestly), are only there to help us grow closer to Jesus Christ. That talk really put everything in perspective for me. Lets all remember what the true focus of the gospel is and not get lost in all of the other various activities and duties we have in the church.
Sister Tingey and Sister McIntyre
Ok time for funny stories. Fast Sunday is always an exciting day because we get `fruit basket.` Its just a giant bin in the hallway of the church that the members fill up for us on fast Sunday. We honestly dont need it that much because we have plenty of money for food each week, so I always feel bad seeing the members walk in and drop a giant sack of food in there (however, a lot of the time I think they just empty out their cupboards of old canned food). Its pretty hilarious going through it after church with the Elders because its all canned corn and spaghetti sauce. But the best is this old man named Brother Uehara. Every month he comes up to us and hands us a sack of food, and without fail it is a bunch of cans of V8 and packages of pancake mix. I hope he doesnt go out and buy that every week for us because we literally have our cupboards overflowing with V8 and pancake mix. The funny thing about Japanese people is they think that Americans only eat pancakes and french toast and toast and stuff for breakfast. Its so funny but Im so grateful for the members and that they give us so much food every month!
I think that is it for my email this week. I love all of you!!!! Thank you for your love and prayers and support. Even though im far away I can feel your love and prayers helping me. I really need it so thank you! The church is true. Doctrine and Covenants 68;6 is my new favorite scripture. No fear! Love you
Love, Tingey shimai

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