Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Something to avoid

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. They are really nice boys. Maybe a little too nice. They were explaining to me what it means to go on a 24 hour exchange, which is when missionaries switch companions or something...but anyway, my brother-in-law Justin said to me, "you can go do that with them, right?" We all started cracking up because it sounded like he meant with the Elders, and my sister started cracking jokes about what a 24 hour exchange would be like in that case.

Then, right after that little mix up, Justin was trying to say the word "section" and he accidentally said "sex" before correcting himself. One of the Elders turned completely bright red and couldn't stop laughing for about five minutes! It was pretty hilarious.

Now people, this is all fun and games....until it happens to me.

I hope I never get so flustered over hearing that word. We'll see what a year and half does to me...

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