Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting for the reapers

The people of Japan are waiting for us! Let us outtttt of heerrreeee! Hahah
Ok, so there is a hymn in the Japanese hymn book called, "waiting for the reapers." It is only a Japanese hymn and it's pretty much everyone's favorite. We sing it all the time. We are hopefully going to sing it as a senpai group during sacrament meeting this upcoming Sunday. Speaking of that, since we had an unexpected extra Sunday here in the MTC I didn't have a musical number from this past sacrament meeting so I just sang the song that I did for the senior missionary's orientation. I was really glad I could perform it again because the Elder who played the piano practiced SO hard to learn how to play it (like every single day after lunch for 2 months) and so I was glad he had the opportunity to play it again before we left so that all his practice and effort payed off!
Anyway, Ok has anybody else received my tape that I sent?? Whoever ends up with it, will you please keep it in a safe place? I don't want it to get lost! I'm in the process of recording another one which I will hopefully send out before I leave.
Because we were delayed for a week we have an extra week to work on our teaching and Japanese skills! It is honestly a blessing. We're spending the whole week teaching Progressing Investigators (each other), which has been extremely challenging but a learning experience. If I have learned one thing in the MTC it's that you simply cannot be an effective missionary or teacher if you don't teach with the spirit. Yesterday morning we had our first lesson with our progressing investigators. We prepared a lot for the lessson and put a lot of thought into it, however we didn't start with a class prayer or anything and we were being kind of nonchalant about it. Our lesson went so-so, but all of the Elders were just horrified at how awful their lessons went. We had had a class discussion and decided we needed to change, so during the afternoon, before we had our next lessons, we all knelt as a class and begge the Lord to give us the ability to teach with the spirit, remain in character (as an investigator) and teach to the needs of the investigator. Also to have the ability to change the lesson plan according to their needs. WOW! What a difference. We all came out of those lessons in pure awe at the reality and amazing power of the spirit. The Lord really does want to help us, but we have to put for mighty effort and plead for his help. I am constantly amazed at how much Heavenly Father cares about me and my companion learning in the MTC. We pray about fake investigators all day long and he always blesses us to help them for their needs (even though they're imaginary). Although, I have learned also that EVERYONE needs to come closer to Christ, even if they're President Monson or the MTC President. Every teaching opportunity is an opportunity to inpsire and help someone grow. That's the attitude we try to keep going into lessons each day.
Ok, so I'm scheduled to leave Monday morning. My flight is at 8:30 and I'm flying into San Francisco. During that layover is when i'll hopefully be able to call a few people. I think i have all of the phone numbers I need. I am going to buy a calling card from the bookstore.
Thank you all for your amazing letters! Sorry I didn't have a chance to respond to anyone today. I'll try to write some handwritten letters during laundry. I love you all so much


  1. No only japanese Hymn.
    You may find it on 1909 Sunday School Hymnbook. (#132 -->

  2. No only japanese Hymn.
    You may find it on 1909 Sunday School Hymnbook. (#132 -->