Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yumei na District

Dearest family and tomodachi's,
I'm famous!!!!! Did you see my district on TV inbetween conferences on Sunday???? Hahaha. For that MTC special program they did they came in and filmed our class. We thought we were going to be the main event until we watched it and they showed us for literally .2 seconds in the very opening. The only reason we even knew it was our district is because we recognized the giant Japanese flag in our room and my companions bright red hair. Nevertheless, we were on TV. So we're famous (That's what the subject of this email says).
Anyway, wasn't Conference just amazing??? I loved Elder Hollands comment, "if we teach with the spirit, and you listen with the spirit, we will touch upon something you need personally, and you will receive a little epistle of your own." I loved that because that's how I felt conference went for me. Also it relates a lot to how we'll be teaching people in the field. The only way we will be able to really connect with our investigators is if we teach with the spirit and they receive our words with the spirit. That is when a true change of heart takes place!  I prepared like crazy to be able to hear things Heavenly Father wanted me to. And guess what? I did! It was amazing. Some of the talks I literally felt like were directed exactly for me! I think a lot of people probably felt the same way. Two of my favorite talks were Elder Bednar and Elder Johnson's talks. I also noticed a LOT of themes, as usual. One of them was obviously service, but others were getting through hard tribulation, becoming as little children, and many others. I just loved it. It was a very interesting experience listening with the mindset of a missionary. I was really trying to hear things that future investigators might need sometday and taking notes like crazy. It was the best weekend I've had here at the MTC. It was so funny to see all of my Elders SO EXCITED for Conference weekend. They were all amazed saying, "wow, i've never been excited for Conference before. This is weird." Haha. I felt kind of the same way. I hope all of you were able to watch both sessions and that you listened with the spiriit. Remember to take their words and try to make yourself a better person. That is what it's for!
We also had an AMAZING fireside that night from Vai Sikahema. You shoud loook him up. He's a news anchor from Philly and he uses his profession to share the gospel. He inspired me so much. I really want to go into broadcast!
I feel the urgency of the work no more than ever. What with Conference and that fireside, and my pending departure, I am seriously DYING to share the gospel with people outside of the MTC. Paha. Even if its not in Japan!
Speaking of which, we receieved our travel plans,but they are automatically printed so it doesn't mean we're for sure going. We've still been having all of our departure meetings and whatnot, so hopeuflly we will go. We're all just planning on it, but they could tell us any second that we're not. Keep your fingers crossed! if we do leave we'll be leaving at 5:00 AM Tuesday morning. Wahooo! We're all so sosososoossooso excited!
OK, my email time is running out once again. I love you all and thank you for all of your emails and letters. I am so grateful and lucky to have such supportive family and friends.
Love, Sister Tingey

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